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Charles and Jan Stewart have a passion for animals. They have worked with animals for many years, and during this time they realized the importance of high quality pet food. They began researching pet food manufacturers in order to find the best foods available for their animals. This was the beginning of CharJans Distributors.
The name CharJans comes from a combination of both the owners' names, Charles and Jan. Since 1982 the company has been family owned as well as family run. The Stewarts' youngest son, Charles II, has played an important role in the success of the company and holds the title of manager.
The specialty of CharJans has always been to supply extremely high quality pet food in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin regions. The company not only specializes in dogs and cats but small animals and birds as well.
We believe that all pets should be treated as family and they should have a caring home as well as the best nutriton available.



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